Orkney News in pictures

Kirkwall Tree Lighting portfolioThe Kirkwall Tree lighting ceremony took place on Saturday with the Papdale Primary School providing the choir and St Lucy for a fantastic evening in the St Magnus Cathedral marking the end of the Counties Christmas lighting events and the start of the festive season in Orkney. Orkney College Graduation 2017 portfolio
Mens Ba New Year 2017 portfolioNew Years Day Mens Ba' was won by Uppie Derek Robb after an amazing battle for supremacy on Broad Street which was on by the Doonies as they pushed the Ba' on to Albert Street only to be stuck in the lane between Boots the Chemist and the Laundrette for 1 1/2 hours. After the Ba' made it's way on to the back road reaching Tullocks garage it was smuggled out of the pack up Broad street and kicked and carried to the Wall for a Uppie win. Boys Ba' New Year 2017 portfolioBoys Ba' winner for the New Year Ba' was Uppie Connor Hancock. The game was shorter than the Christmas day Ba' but just as exciting to watch. A huge crowd was drawn to Broad Street to watch the Ba' being thrown up by Ali Flett.
Boys Ba' Christmas 2016 portfolioJim Coltherd threw up the Christmas Day Boys Ba' on a blustery Boxing day. The Boys Ba' was won by the Uppies who had the weight and tactics. But the Uppies didn't have it all their own way as the Doonies put up fierce fight all the way to the corner. But at 12.50 the Uppies had touched the wall with Andrew Mulraine being declared the winner and a well deserved winner at that. Mens Ba' Christmas Day (Boxing day) portfolioThe quickest Mens Ba' of the modern era lasting a whole 13 minutes.A Shorie win which left the Doonies, the Uppies and the crowd stunned in to disbelieve as George Rendall was lifted up after only 25 minutes since Leslie Manson threw the Ba' in to the pack of players to start the Christmas Day Ba'. The talking point was of course the record breaking time it took the game to be played but take nothing away from George Rendall he more than deserved to be the winner of the coveted trophy.
Poppies - Weeping Window at the St. Magnus Cathedral portfolio